About Antoni Ooto

Antoni Ooto (1946 -) – Photo by Sparrow Hall

Antoni Ooto (1946 -) – Photo by Sparrow Hall

My love for art lies in the universal aspects of design and expression. When I begin a new painting, I look for an expression of abstraction. My process is a technique of layering acrylic paste and acrylic paint. I begin in an intuitive manner, exploring different textural finishes. When the paste dries, paint is added layer by layer. These layers compose texture, color, and line and may take hours, days or weeks.

The element of surprise is my jumping off point. I allow the paint to dictate how it wants to be structured. Color is chosen by mood. Only when I am satisfied with the outcome is the work complete.

– Antoni Ooto

Antoni Ooto is an abstract expressionist painter living and working in Western New York.
Born in 1946, Ooto began his career as a stonemason. During that time he began exploring Realism and Impressionism, first in a series of still lives and landscapes, followed by life model studies and experiments in collage and digital media. Along the way, he began to abandon elements of his early work, moving entirely into abstract and sculptural works that placed an emphasis on the fundamentals – color, composition and form.

Ooto’s current work in acrylic paint and paste symbolizes the culmination of his journey as an artist. His stonemason’s trowel, now his signature painting tool, binds the relationship between the builder and the artist. This uniquely crafted style of texture and paint reflects the aesthetics of the Abstract Expressionist movement of mid-century America, reborn as a visceral, natural response to the Digital Age.

Ooto has exhibited throughout the Northeast, and has won awards for his work in printmaking, charcoal, pastel, acrylic and oil.